Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pintester and her movements.....

Tee hee hee! Take that, Pintester! A poop joke ( har har har) in the title. I am so amused with myself, I don't have words.

Okay thats a lie. I have lots of words.

Okay to get to the point.  I signed up to recreate a pin the pintester has already tested. If you don't know who the Pintester is, you are seriously missing a huge piece of internet hilarity. She's one of my favorite bloggers, and when she writes back to me on twitter, I get a little thrill. Simple minds. Dont ask. ANYWAY.

I need help. I don't which pin to test!

Here is her post detailing the rules.

http://pintester.com/ is her blog. Go there. Review her stuff. Help me decide what I should do, bearing in mind my rules.

A) I'm broke.

B) I'm fat. I refuse to appear on camera. Therefore, nothing I appear in will appear on this blog until I lose the 60 pounds

C) I work full time and have an army of children so short and to the point. Baking is okay. Days long projects are not okay.

I'm looking forward to your ideas and suggestions, and we all know I need them.