Thursday, July 11, 2013

Permanent Mortification (potty words) *UPDATED*

Ever wrote a message to one of your internet hero's you sound like a TOTAL BOOB in and so you decide NOT TO SEND IT until you GET IT RIGHT and accidentally hit send  instead of x and suddenly you see the pop up YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT? 

Suddenly your heart is beating to fast and your gasping for breath and YOU CAN FEEL YOUR BLOOD VESSELS DILATING IN YOUR FACE WHILE YOU BLUSH FURIOUSLY even though NOBODY CAN SEE YOU because your alone.

It's to late to get that back. That person how has the power to sit at home and be like DAMN LOOK AT THIS BITCH CANT EVEN GET OUT A SENTENCE RIGHT. AND THEN SHARE IT. Fuck.

 Permanent mortification.

I did this today. I wanted to send a witty comment in reply to one of my favorite blogs ( ). She's hilairous, but one comment in particular cracked me right up, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Instead I was all 

HI IM LATE TO THE PARTY BUT BLAH BLAH BLAH IM NERVOUS AND RAMBLING AND I LOST MY POINT BECAUSE IM AN IDIOT AND click. I hit the wrong button and *poof*, my idiocy is now immortalized in internet history for eternity and I can. Never. Get. It . Back. Ever. 

On the other hand: My daughter double dog dared her brother to eat dirt. 

He did it.

 Never underestimate the power of the desire to impress your big sister and the ultimate sanctity of the double dog dare.  

7/16/13 UPDATE:

SHE TOTALLY WROTE ME BACK. I was totally melting into my chair,(becuase its HOT AS HADES UP IN MY HOUSE)  and suddenly had a new FB message. AND it was my internet hero, and she was like DONT BE NERVOUS!

So even though said hero probably got a good giggle out of my idiocy, she was also kind enough to write back and make me feel better. Which was nice.