Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pintest re-deaux: SummertimeSplashy Nails (potty words ahead!)

As mentioned in the previous post, I signed up to participate in the Pintester movement 2.0. ( read more info here:

I also asked for assistance in choosing a pin. There's a lot of stuff over there on Pintester to play with, and I get overwhelmed easily. Kate suggested we get together and do the following pin test: .

I am not a girly girl. I don't  do my nails, do my hair, do my makeup. I wear yoga pants and tshirts everywhere I go. So I said, " What the hell?" As in "Are you effing serious?!" and followed it up with " Why not?" The original pin appears to be here: .
  Unfortunately, the original blog no longer has the photo of the pin we are playing with today. BUT we forged ahead, in the spirit of " We are going to fake it till we make it and hope it works" Kinda like my cooking. ( Like I made chicken in my mom's crock pot today and my teenager told me it was dry. How the hell does that happen? I think he was confused, because that shit was GOOD and moist. )

Sonja posted the directions she found, which made it infinitely easier, because I look at this shit and am like what the fuck does she have on her hands? Kate, on the other hand, is a home painting nail pro and does this shit for fun.  The directions are as follows: ( BTW You'd know this if you looked at the link above, but I'll share them anyway)

1. White Base Color
2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail.
3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick.
4. Apply topcoat.
5. Voila!

Looks pretty. Kinda firework-y and summery. Not something I personally would want to wear into public, but what the hell. My daughter might get a thrill out of it.

First, we assembled the cast of characters. ( Mind you, its like 10 am at this point, I had just gotten out of work a couple hours prior and was TIRED. )

Kate is going to use the striper nail polish thing on her nails, and I'm just going to paint mine.

 So far, so good! Right? Right!
WTF. This does not look like the pictures. 

Still, not like the pictures.

All in all, I'm wearing it around town because my daughter thinks I look like " super pretty mom!"
And its not the worst thing I've ever done. Way, WAY more work than it's worth to paint your nails.