Saturday, July 13, 2013

The day after...( potty words)

Okay guys, yesterday was the Pintester Movement 2.0 post, and let me tell you. I just read some of the funniest shit on the internet.  I tried to leave a comment on everybody's blog, but wasn't able to on a couple of them. Please know I read it, and appreciated your effort, even if I didn't comment as I wanted to.

That being said: Today (well, yesterday, now) was a LONG FUCKING DAY. I work midnights, so my normal routine is to get home about 730 and go to bed by 8 and sleep until about 330, 4oclockish, ( totally wrote cock-ish the first time, sigh)  get up, hang out with my army, feed them, and hang out again until bedtime. The weekends, though, that is a whole 'nother ball game. Sleep is highly overrated and extremely sought after.
I carpooled, so had to pick up my carpool partner, and get groceries, because we were making crepes for breakfast, and because I had forgotten I promised my daughter her bestie could come over today and that added at minimum one extra person for breakfast and I wasn't sure I had enough cereal.
I also had to pick up said bestie and her little brother, my youngest son's bestie. Alas, no pictures of them online as yet, because I forgot to ask their mom permission and you never ever post pictures of OPK ( other peoples kids) without permission from their mom. That's just skeezy. Anyway.

the darer

She's a good girl, smart, funny, and of course gorgeous. But, like all big sisters, a complete bitch to her brothers. She DOUBLE DOG DARED one of her brothers to eat dirt the other day...and rather than lose face and the respect of his big sister, the little fucker ate it. Thank god it wasn't from the sand pit the barn cat I can't find a home for uses as a shitbox. 

the dirt eater

If this computer doesn't stop deleting my shit( I swear its not me!) I'm going to chuck it out the fucking window and the let the skunks play with it. Damnit. I just posted that picture 4 freakin times!

Then I thought well, I'll lay down for a couple hours and get up and take the kids to the lake.  TWENTY EFFING MINUTES LATER we were at the lake. 
I'm missing a few big kids here yet. super pissed.

My parents stopped over. That was actually really cool, becuase its the first time I was able to see them since they went to Montana to visit MY little brother, my sister in law and my niece. They will be here in August and I cannot wait. 

Anyway: I wound up with something like 9 kids here today. So.....guess who didn't get much sleep? That's right, this mama here.  So when the grill didnt get fired up until 830  I was already really tired. 
My minion loves to help grill. I think he just likes the fire.
Followed up by a smores' extravaganza 
itty bitty portable firepit we borrowed from a friend

I didn't make it. I fell asleep on the couch, completely ignoring my 4 children were outside with their father, my teenager's ( who never lets me take a picture but I snuck one in anyway hahaha) best friend, and the two neighbor children. Thankfully, the extra two I had earlier int he day had already gone home. I think I'd have been bald for real. 
All in all, it was a good day,but because I fell asleep on the couch at 9 oclock, I got up at 3, which totally allowed me to finish reading and commenting on the awesomely funny stuff that occurred with the newest  pintester movement.

I can't wait to play with her movements again. ( insert obligatory shit joke here).