Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Fever!!

I received in the mail this week a VOXBOX from INFLUENSTER! Super stoked. Inside it, I recieved the following:

Broadway Nails imPRESS
Press-on Manicure

@BwayNails / #imPressRevolution

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

@SecretDeodorant / #WhiteMarksFail
Schwarzkopf Professional
@SchwarzkopfUSA / #OSiSLove

NYC New Yorkk Color Applelicious
Glossy Lip Balm


 Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes
@TastyKake / #TastyKake

Now, this was all complimentary, and strictly for testing purposes from Influenster.  I dunno about you all, but I really dig free stuff, especially girly stuff. And really, you can't go wrong with a Tastycake. ( Hello? Chocolate? SFWG here....ain't no skimpin' on chocolate!) 

I decided to try out the press-on manicure. I was initially pretty excited, first of all because I'm a girl, and most girls I know like pretty stuff. A lot of guys I know, too, actually, now that I think about it....I digress. Second, because I like having my nails done, and if I can get them done, without the fuss of acrylics and constant upkeep and expense, this short fat white girl is all about it. (I should probably mention this SFWG is po' in to poor for the "or").  

Mine came in a hot pink color, and the packaging was neat. Looked like nail polish, and everything was all set up in this little nail polish looking box. 

Unfortunately, I either have fat fingernails (no) , or this was not actually designed for adults with real jobs. Sooooo, I used my daughter. 

Try to pretend I didnt cut half her face off with the Kindle Fire; my good digital camera was missing along with my cell phone. Go figure.  The kindle takes pretty good pictures though.
At any rate, you can see the little bits of nail hanging out there on top of the stool. 

Putting them on was pretty simple. It came with a "prep pad" to clean the nail,and then ( you can't see it here, sorry) , there is a little plastic-y strip under the nail covering the sticky stuff. You pull that off, press firmly, and voila! Instant manicure!

I'm not super into hot pink, but my daughter was thrilled!

It really feels funny on my face!

She got the biggest thrill out of running her fingers through her hair with long nails!

you can see here clearly the nails are not designed for grown up fingers.

Overall, for the 8 bucks these babies run, it was fun for my 8 year old to play with them. I would probably never wear them myself in real life, as I have a real job, and they are designed to small for my nail beds.  I would however, not feel badly about setting them up for a group of little girls at a spa day birthday party event or something like that. They are cheap, and easy to put on, and according to my daughter, fun to wear. 

Thanks @Influenster, for letting me play with these! 

Tomorrow, I'll review the gloss, and the tastycake!