Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The long week.....

This last week has sort of sucked.

I've decided my mouth is now a money pit. It is worth more than the car I drive. If I could have half the money invested in my mouth, I'd have new tires and my worries about my car insurance would be no more.  I saw the oral surgeon, and he pulled the tooth, and 300 dollars later I have a hole in my sinus cavity that may or may not require a bone graft to repair. I can't blow my nose ( hello? I have allergies from hell. My snot locker runs the fuck away all summer long. ) I can't sneeze. ( again, allergies from hell!) There's a bunch of other stuff I can't do but I sort of drift away after the big ones. No strenuous activity, which disappointed ( devastated? ) my boyfriend, as sex = strenuous. At least it does if you are doing it right.

So I haven't slept much, due to excruciating pain radiating through my jaw, and the sinus drainage from the allergies make snore like a logger and I wake myself up. It's awesome.

I did, however, join a gym with my mom. And I play on tumblr a lot. Some of the shit people post!!! Cracks me right the hell up.

All told, I'm sorry I haven't posted. I just haven' thad the energy to do anything extra beyond getting through the day.

you can find me on tumblr at orionswatcher.tumblr.com . I'm funny there too. That used to be my fitness blog, back when I was all gung ho about getting healthy and fit and skinny! Now I use it mostly to post pictures and play with fandoms. :)