Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weddings and Life and Anxiety, oh my!(adult language. lots of potty words.)

SFWG Here with a couple confessions:

First of all: I'm a shitty blogger. I admit it. I think about shit to post every day, but don't often make the time to actually sit my fat ass down and write it out. I'm sorry for that. I'm working on it. I'd promise to do better but I don't make promises I can't keep, and I can't promise to keep that one.

Life is perennially busy. ( Is that grammatically correct? Perennial = permanent? ) My stepson was home for two weeks, and life was total chaos and I loved it. Then he went to his mom's house, and my other two littles went to their dad's house for two weeks. My oldest son's father's family has suddenly decided since his father has another kiddo ( who is super cute, by the way), they regret missing all the time they could have had with my son, and oh can he come to the family reunion! What the hell? I left it up to my son, and he wants to go to see his little brother but says everybody else he can do without. I don't blame him.
I'm pretty bitter about it and trying to pretend I'm not.

My boyfriend finally agreed to actually marry me and not just give me lip service. It's only been 5 years so I think its about time. Now I'm all wound up about dresses ( 60 pounds to lose, fuckers, 60 fucking pounds. Holy shit) and receptions and playlists and dinners and I'm poor so my wedding wont be as fancy as my beautiful sisters was and she's having her first baby in August and when should we schedule the wedding and should we just go to the courthouse and have an actual wedding wedding after i dump the 60 fucking pounds and  can actually fit into a dress and look pretty or just say fuck it and who the hell would come since all our friends are scattered across the country and who the hell wants to come to the UP and do you SEE WHAT I'M DEALING WITH HERE?!

I can't handle it. I think we'll just go to the courthouse and not tell anybody.

Also:  I forgot what else I was going to write. I can't blame in on the wine, sadly, as I'm not drinking. I'm just a space cadet.

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