Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping.

And suddenly, it's the future. My almost 14 year old had his first paid babysitting job today. How is that even possible?! He was just a baby yesterday! Now, he's taller than me, with facial hair and a grown man's voice. Breaks this mama's heart.

I remember when he was first born, he was the most beautiful baby I'd ever laid eyes on. As he grew, he was incredibly affectionate and loving. Now he's a teenager with a mohawk and most days I just sort of want to dig into his brain and figure out what the hell he is thinking. I don't remember being closemouthed as a teenager. In fact, anybody that knew  me then will tell you I was not shy about voicing my opinions, with considerably less tact than I have now. If I thought it, felt it, feared it, wanted it, it was coming out of my mouth for the world to know about it, and to hell with what anybody thought about it! Now, of course, I learned how to be a bit more diplomatic and tactful. I still think it all, I just don't always say it all.

I'm to busy tonight to write a really long post, even though I have lots to say, so here is a picture.

He loves his brothers.